Corporate Communications

External Campaign


Challenge: Cerner is an American company and was suffering from a negative perception among potential clients and the media, as experienced by many US organisations in Europe. Lack of local knowledge, no understanding of the NHS system and US-centric products were common preconceptions associated with Cerner.

Project: In order to reduce this perception, I devised the idea of a campaign focusing on our local associates with NHS experience, and/or who are patients at some of Cerner’s NHS Trust clients. From the creative idea to the production of the content, I led the project and planned all the various activities. The campaign included YouTube videos, blog posts, social media and internal communication activities.

Results: The feedback was fantastic, with clients engaging on social media when discovering that Cerner’s associates were also their colleagues and/or patients. The videos had more than 3,000 views. It was also recognised as a success internally, with associates engaging and encouraging their colleagues to share their stories.

Internal Campaign


Challenge: Santen shared the desire to become a more sustainable company. The company wanted to encourage all its EMEA employees to be more mindful of their use of resources, and for each individual to feel able to make a difference. Santen wanted to lead on sustainability and show their commitment to the planet by taking concrete local actions to become a more eco-friendly company.

Project: I worked on a plan to introduce a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called ‘Greener Together’. I developed all the content, which included a poster, a toolkit, infographics and an intranet article. The assets explained why the company was committing to be more sustainable, how it aligned with the global CSR goals and how each employee could take part and lead on activities.

Results: The feedback was very positive and the EMEA General Manager messaged me and the Communications Director to let us know how happy he was with it. It was also shared with the global leadership, which welcomed the initiative and commended the internal campaign for supporting the company’s 2020 and 2030 corporate objectives.