I have been in charge of communications campaigns, email campaigns and social media content strategy for various events. For all events mentioned below, I was also part of the event planning team taking care of the entertainment, VIPs’ schedules, catering, logistic, keynote speakers and more.

Cerner Health Conference (US)

Cerner Health Conference welcomes around 14,000 attendees each year. The event is designed to be immersive, experiential and inspiring. Through a mix of networking events, education sessions, solution exploration and presentations covering a range of pertinent topics and specialist subjects, attendees explore the big questions and challenges they face in the healthcare industry.

Prix Pierre Delanoë (France)

The Prix Pierre-Delanoë was an event organised in Paris to promote young French musical talents. Authors, composers and singers were given the opportunity to perform in front of 2000 people and a professional jury. The award was sponsored by a big name in the industry such as Francis Cabrel.

European Collaboration Forum (UK)

The European Collaboration Forum is an annual knowledge-sharing event spread over four days, allowing participants to learn and share their experience with world-class speakers and industry leaders. The Forum welcomes more than 400 attendees from across Europe. It includes daily keynotes and education sessions, networking evenings and face-to-face demonstration with experts.